Zero Time to Airline: Your Fastest Path to a High-Earning Career as an Airline Pilot

Become an airline pilot with our Zero Time to Airline® pilot training program. As one of the best flight schools in the country, we’ve built a program that will help you become a capable pilot every airline will want to hire.

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Thrust Flight Partners with Avelo Airlines

Thrust Flight announces a partnership with Avelo Airlines to give Thrust instructors and students the opportunity to launch a career with Avelo. This Preferred Hiring Pathway will allow …

Launch Your Airline Pilot Career Today

Whether you’ve dreamed of being a pilot since you first laid eyes on a plane or you’re shifting to a new career, Zero Time to Airline® is the all-in-one professional pilot program for you.

Don’t let your flight training drag on for years, moving slowly through each rating. Jump right into your training full-time with financing options that will work best for you. Before you know it you’ll be meeting with our airline partners to start your career as an airline pilot.

If you’re ready to launch your aviation career, reach out to us today!

Sallie Mae Financing Available for Commercial Pilot School

Thrust Flight has partnered with Sallie Mae to offer career training loans for flight training. This loan can cover the entire cost of flight school, including your housing and other living expenses during your training. This allows you to focus on flying full time so you can get to the airlines faster and launch your new career.

Fill out an application today to see if you qualify.

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Thrust Flight Ranked 2nd on Flying Mag’s Flight School Guide

In a nationwide ranking of flight schools and collegiate aviation programs, Flying Mag ranked Thrust Flight number two in their guide. To make these rankings, Flying Mag takes into account career partnerships, program value, facilities, fleet, and student life.

Benefits of the Zero Time to Airline Program

Enjoy your flight training every step of the way with the Zero Time to Airline program. You’ll earn your Private Pilot Certificate, Instrument Rating, Commercial Certificate, CFI, CFII, and Multi-Engine Add-on. At the end of the program, you’ll be ready to start working as a flight instructor.

Every exam and checkride fee is included in the price of the program. And with multiple financing partners available, you can finance all of your training so you can start now and get to the airlines faster.

Our Airline Partners

Find the perfect job with any of our regional airline partners. Our airline partners regularly host recruiting events and information sessions at Thrust Flight giving you the opportunity to interview each and find the right fit.

The Envoy Cadet Program is another fantastic option for those who want to end up at American Airlines. As one of Envoy’s partner pilot schools, you can earn bonuses and enjoy Envoy employee benefits all while building time as a flight instructor.

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Find out if the Envoy Cadet Program is right for you.

Get Your Flight Training Started Now!

Whether you want to become an airline pilot or simply earn another rating, fill out this form and a member of our admissions team will reach out shortly.

Accelerated Flight School

Earn your pilot’s license or other ratings in no time with one of our accelerated pilot training programs. Our pilot school has designed multiple programs to help you shorten the time it takes to become a pilot and earn multiple ratings.

Our core programs are our accelerated private pilot package and accelerated instrument pilot package which each take 14-21 days to complete. We also offer accelerated commercial flight training. Are you ready to fly? Discover if these programs are built for you.

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CFI Academies

Become a world-class flight instructor when you attend the Thrust Flight CFI Academy.

In this 15-day course, you’ll gain all the skills you need to become a capable flight instructor.

With 60+ hours of interactive pilot instruction and practice teaching, you’ll be ready to pass your exam. This course includes 10 hours of dual-flight training. Learn More

Increase your skills and earning potential by becoming a CFII. With over 60 hours of classroom instruction and practice teaching, our course will have you ready to pass the checkride in no time.

You’ll also receive 7 hours of dual flight instruction and 3 hours of simulator time. Discover if this is the right program for you! Learn More

Short on time or have somewhere else you want to do your flight time? Our one-of-a-kind No-Fly CFI program is perfect for you. This program is structured so you’ll only have to miss 6 days of work. It contains all of the ground instruction you’ll need to be ready for your CFIA or CFII. Once complete, you can finish the flight time at your own pace at your local FBO. Find out if this is the program for you! Learn More

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