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Instrument Pilot Ground School

In Person Ground Schools Update

At this time we have discontinued our in person ground schools. If you’re ready for ground school here are the online ground schools we recommend.

Prepare for your instrument rating with our weekend instrument pilot ground school.

With our IFR ground school, you’ll go over everything you need for the FAA written exam. One of our CFII’s will spend each day covering every topic you’ll encounter on the test and answering any of your questions. In one weekend we equip you with the knowledge and confidence to take, and pass, your instrument FAA written exam.

Instrument Pilot Ground School



What’s included in the Weekend Instrument Pilot Ground School:

  • Runs Friday-Sunday, 8 am to 5 pm all three days
  • 24 hrs. of classroom test preparation
  • Instrument Pilot written test endorsement (endorsement only given after successful completion of 2 practice tests with a score of 80% or above)
  • Lunch is included on the first day
  • ASA Instrument Test Prep 2020. This book is included with a ground school purchase and can be picked up at Thrust Flight.

What Else Do I Need:

  • E6b flight computer
  • Dallas/Forth Worth low IFR chart (electronic version on a tablet or computer is acceptable)
  • Approach Plates for the Dallas/Fort Worth Area (Again Electronic Versions are Ok)
  • Paper and pen

Frequently Asked Questions about Ground School