Pilot Training

Whether you’re just launching your career as a pilot or looking to add one more rating to your belt, Thrust Flight instructors are ready to help.

We’ll tailor your flight instruction program to fit your schedule and unique needs. If you’re interested in getting off the ground quickly be sure to explore our accelerated training programs. As one of the fastest growing flight schools in Texas we have a team of instructors ready to help you become a pilot.

Explore our Flight Training Programs

Zero Time to Airline

If you're pursuing a career as an airline pilot this is the program for you. In under two years you could reach the airlines with our Zero Time to Airline program. Discover if this program is right for you.

Private Pilot and Sport Pilot

Begin your journey into aviation with a private pilot license. In this flight training program you'll learn all the basics to become a pilot and enjoy cruising across the skies.

Instrument Rating

Get ready to fly under IFR conditions with your instrument rating. 

Commercial Rating

Take your aviation career to a new level with a commercial rating. With this pilot training program you'll be on your way to earning a living as a pilot in no time.

Accelerated Flight Training Programs

Short on time? Achieve your ratings faster with one of our accelerated pilot training programs.

Earn your private pilot certificate in no time with one of our accelerated flight training programs

Multi-Engine Rating

Prepare to fly bigger birds with a multi-engine rating.

Tailwheel Endorsement

Enjoy a new type of flying with your tailwheel endorsement.

Test Prep Classes

Never overlook the importance of preparing for your FAA exam! Our FAA test prep classes will have you exam ready in just a few days.