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3 Easy Steps to a Perfect Crosswind Landing

A Boeing E-3A performing a crosswind landing

Landing. It’s the phase when the majority of aviation accidents occur. And one-third of all accidents in the landing phase occur in gusty or very windy conditions. It’s not surprising why crosswind landings can be very intimidating. But learning how to master crosswind landings is an essential skill for every pilot. Here are 3 simple steps […]

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  • February 21, 2020

Why Now is the Best Time to Become an Airline Pilot

Two airline pilots sitting in the cockpit preparing for a flight

In the past people became airline pilots because of a life-long passion. Like teaching, and a few other under-appreciated careers, it was the kind of job that only those who felt it was their “calling” were crazy enough to pursue. The hours were inconsistent, the schooling expensive, the training difficult and the pay not-so-great.That is […]

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  • Updated February 10, 2020

3 Reasons to Build Time as a Flight Instructor

Private Pilot Certificate

After completing the commercial rating, aspiring airline pilots come to a critical fork in their career- Do I become a flight instructor or look for a job with low flight time requirements?Because a CFI rating is not required at the airlines, some pilots opt to acquire hours through other avenues. This is sometimes due to […]

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  • December 4, 2019

10 Flight Bag Essentials Every Pilot Needs

flight bag essentials for every pilot

Once you’ve picked out the best flight bag you can find, it’s time to stock it with all the essential gear you’ll need to fly. Every pilot has their own method for what gear they take with them while flying, but there are a few we think every private pilot should always take with them […]

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  • Updated February 18, 2020

How to Become an Airline Pilot

Train to become a pilot with Thrust Flight's Flight Training Progaram

Do you dream of taking to the skies as a qualified airline pilot? Whether you’re looking for a career change or pursuing a lifelong dream, in this guide we’ll walk you through all of the requirements you’ll need to fulfill to become a commercial airline pilot. Use the navigation to skip down to navigate to any specific […]

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  • Updated October 30, 2019

The Complete Guide on How to Become a Pilot

How to become a pilot

Becoming a pilot can be an incredibly rewarding and joyful experience. But when you’re first starting out on the journey it can feel a bit overwhelming.This article is here to teach you how to become a pilot and give you a more complete understanding of everything you’ll need to do to become a pilot.Whether you’re […]

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  • Updated February 18, 2020

Choosing A Flight School

Choosing a flight school is critical when trying to become an airline pilot

You’ve wanted to be an airline pilot ever since you first laid eyes on an airliner. The sound of a jet engine gets your blood pumping. You’ve watched every video you can find and are maybe even subscribed to a few magazines. But where in the world do you begin?! The internet is full of […]

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  • Updated December 4, 2019

The Impossible Turn: When Your Engine Fails on Takeoff

The Impossible turn

My engine quit on upwind… what now?Do I land straight ahead or do I turn around? The impossible turn. We’ve all heard the stories, the advice, and mostly the warnings.The turn is so seductive in the moment, as I can personally attest.Generally, the consensus is that you shouldn’t turn unless you’re above 1000 feet AGL.If […]

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  • Updated August 24, 2019

Flight Training: How to Obtain a Weather Briefing

Multi-engine rating in Addison, texas

Every student training for their private pilot license will have to complete a cross-country flight. As part of planning that flight, you’ll need to learn how to obtain a weather briefing. How to Obtain a Weather BriefingThe two main ways to obtain weather briefings is to call a flight service station and take notes on […]

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  • Updated August 23, 2019

3 Tips to Help you Pass Your CFI Checkride

3 tips to help you pass your checkride

Almost every pilot who pursues a career in aviation spends at least a little time as a flight instructor. Achieving that title however means you have to pass the ominous CFI checkride. In order to prepare for your CFI checkride you’ll need to attend a CFI academy.In another article, we covered the basics of what […]

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  • Updated February 4, 2020