Instrument Rating

Instrument Rating

An instrument rating opens up a whole new world: mainly, the world of IFR. It allows you to fly in almost any weather or condition. More than that, it vastly increases your situational awareness and proficiency as a pilot.

Training for your instrument rating includes classroom instruction, flight time, and training in our full-motion simulator in order to increase your knowledge, skills, and comfort level with instrument flying.

An instrument rating is the next step in aviation after becoming a licensed pilot.

4-6 Month Timeframe

Instrument Pilot Rating Includes:

  • 21 hrs. of dual flight training in an air conditioned Cessna 172SP with G1000 avionics suite
  • 14 hrs. of RedBird full-motion simulator training
  • 30 hrs. personalized knowledge (ground) instruction
  • Jeppesen instrument pilot training system
  • Pilot syllabus
  • Flight Bag


  • Hold at least a current private pilot certificate
  • Hold a 3rd Class Medical

Starting from $11,995

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