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Thrust Flight’s

Airline Industry Advisory Board

Our mission is to provide the best pilots our airline partners will hire.

In order to accomplish this, Thrust Flight developed our Industry Advisory Board, consisting of active senior airline pilots currently working in the industry. Ranging from checkairmen to DPEs, these airline pilots are some of the best in the industry, and their experience and advice is available to all Thrust Flight students.

At any point when a student is about to graduate from Thrust Flight, they have the option to schedule a meeting with one of our board members and go over their resume, receive best practices to implement during time building, and exchange contact information to stay in touch during their time building.

Students that go on to instruct with Thrust Flight have access to this resource throughout their time-building.

Patrick Arnzen

As the CEO and founder of Thrust Flight, Patrick is the only member of our Industry Advisory Board that is not a current pilot active in the airlines. Patrick flew as an airline pilot until 2010, is an A&P with IA and a DPE. In 2012 Patrick started Thrust Flight, accomplishing his long-time goal of opening a flight school. Patrick continues to fuel his passion for teaching at Thrust Flight.

Airline Advisory Board Member:  Joe Johnson

Joe Johnson

Joe is a DPE and a senior captain at a legacy airline. Joe conducts many checkrides at Thrust Flight and works with our Chief Flight Instructors to continually refine our curriculum, helping us make small adjustments to improve results. Joe often spends time teaching and advising students of Thrust Flight about current industry trends and status.

Bill Peterson

Bill is a checkairman and senior captain for a legacy airline and a part-time ground and flight instructor in Thrust Flight’s world-famous CFI Academy. Bill has been working with Thrust Flight’s students for several years and has seen many of his previous students make their way to the airlines.

Airline Advisory Board Member: Tres Cushing

Tres Cushing

Tres is a senior captain at a legacy airline and has been involved with Thrust Flight for over 5 years. Tres works with students from Thrust Flight’s CFI Academy and is our multi-engine assistant chief instructor.

Wally Pitts

Wally had been flying for 45 years and is a Senior Captain, Aircrew Program Designee and Check Airman flying B787’s worldwide.  Wally is entering his third year of affiliation with Thrust Flight. He works part time in the CFI and CFII programs as well as advising and mentoring students and instructors at Thrust Flight to help them achieve their career goals.