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CFII Academy

Take your flight instruction skills to a new level with the CFII Academy. Forget about slow, one-on-one CFII training. Here you’ll be surrounded by incredible instructors and fellow students who are driven to become the best flight instructors in the world.

Enrollment Update

At this time we’re no longer enrolling outside students in the CFI Academy. All students who join us for the Zero Time to Airline program will participate in our CFI Academy and CFII Academy. If you want to learn more about our flight instructor course continue reading.

Students from around the world attend the CFII Academy at Thrust Flight.

Build your skills and grow your income with the CFII academy.

At the CFII course at Thrust Flight, we’ve assembled a team of subject matter experts who will turn you into an incredible flight instructor and a far better pilot.

You’ll receive 40+ hours of instruction where you hone your skills as an instructor and learn what it takes to safely train capable instrument pilots.

Jump right into the action from day one while also learning from engaging and knowledgeable instructors.

This program is not a passive one. Over the years of running this program we’ve learned what it takes to produce phenomenal instructors. And the secret is getting you up and teaching in front of the class and other students.

Just like our CFI academy, you’ll spend a large amount of your time practicing your own teaching and getting feedback from your fellow students and instructors. This feedback is vital in helping you grow as an instructor.

You’ll construct lesson plans, practice teaching other class members, learn how to deal with student frustrations, how to organize your time during a flight or ground lesson, and more.

CFII Training

Knowledge Curriculum:

  • 5 days of knowledge instruction
  • Total of 40+ classroom hours for the required knowledge areas and practice teaching
  • CFII Knowledge Test Preparation
  • 61.39 Deficiency Endorsement for candidates who have already completed the CFII exam.

Flight Curriculum for 10-Day CFII Training

  • 7 hours of dual flight training in aircraft
  • 3 hours of full-motion simulator time
  • Required endorsements for CFII Practical exam upon demonstration of proficiency
  • Help with IACRA and scheduling Designated Pilot Examiners
  • We utilize G1000 Cessna 172’s or G1000 Piper Archer aircraft.


  • CFII No-Fly 5 Day Academy – $1,095
  • CFII 10 Day (Knowledge & Flight) Academy

Currently only enrolling CFII No-Fly 5-Day Academy

Contact our Flight Training Director to sign up for an academy.

Please note that all documents MUST be submitted 7 days prior to the start of your desired academy.

Hear directly from students currently enrolled in our CFII training program!

How to Succeed in the CFII Program

Make no mistake, finishing this program in just 10 days is going to take a tremendous amount of work. In order to succeed, you must trust the process. We’ve been teaching this class for a long time and know what it takes. If you’ll follow what our instructors teach you, you will become a world-class flight instructor.

Before the first day, you need to begin studying and reviewing the material that will be covered in class. Once you’re here, take the time to get to know the other students. After class ends, you need to take the time to continue studying. You may even consider finding someone to study with and practice your lesson plans with after class each day.

Ready to become an instrument flight instructor? Get started with our accelerated CFII training program today. Give us a call or fill out our contact form and we’ll help you determine if this program is right for you.