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Age Requirement for Private Pilot’s License




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    So, you’re thinking about getting your private pilot’s license, but are not sure if you meet the age requirements? The age requirement for a private pilot’s license luckily doesn’t affect the mass majority of us.

    The Federal Aviation Administration requires certain prerequisites before anyone is able to get their private pilot license, and age does play a factor. Your age will greatly depend on if you’re able to fly any aircraft of your choice.

    Minimum Age Requirement

    The FAA requires that everyone be at least 16 years of age to fly solo in any aircraft that isn’t a glider or a balloon. And at least 17 years old to obtain your private pilot’s certificate for any aircraft of your choice.

    If you’re 16 years old and ready for your first solo, then you’re in luck! Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until you’re 17 to be certified and enjoy the benefits of having the license.

    Once you’re 17 years old, there are many things you can do with your private pilot’s license.

    Young Private Pilot

    Having your private pilot’s license allows you to take as many friends and family members as you want, to any location you want, during any time of the day. (except in the clouds, you’ll need your instrument rating to do that) You’re even allowed to fly internationally. 

    If you ever decide you want to make a living as a pilot. You’ll need to have more than just your private pilot’s license. You’ll need to earn your commercial pilot’s license to start getting paid as a pilot. And likely your certified flight instructor rating since that’s the first job for most pilots. Unfortunately, the age requirement to obtain both of those is 18 years old.

    Maximum Age Requirement

    The good news for those who are above the age of 17, is that there is no maximum age for getting your private pilot license. The world is your oyster, and it is never too late to go for your private pilot’s license.

    Getting your medical certificate is required by the FAA to fly solo. And getting your medical certificate becomes more of a challenge the older you get. You can obtain your medical by scheduling a physical examination with a doctor who is an FAA-authorized aviation medical examiner.

    Maximum Age Private Pilot's License

    Other Opportunities for Flight

    If you’re under the age of 17 but still want to start flying you do have other options. You can become a glider or balloon pilot as long as you’re 14 or older.

    Those who are looking to obtain a rating to pilot a glider or a balloon don’t have to worry about the age requirement too much. 

    You don’t have to worry about getting your medical certificate either. 


    The main requirements (besides flight hours) to become a private pilot are getting your medical certificate, being able to read, speak, and understand English, and meeting the age requirement of 17 years old. 

    Waiting to obtain your private pilot’s license at the age of 17 might seem time-consuming, but the wait and benefits are worth it in the long run.


    4 responses to “Age Requirement for Private Pilot’s License”

    1. Alyssa

      I’m wanting to work towards my pilots license. I am 15 right now. Is there a way to begin flight hours to get a permit early?

      1. Brian Brassaw

        At 15 you can start your flight training, however, you can’t fly solo until you’re 16 and you can’t hold a private pilot certificate until you are 17 years old.

    2. Andrea warburton

      My son is twelve and obsessed with flying. Can he work toward getting his private pilots license before turning 17?

      1. Brian Brassaw

        Yes, he can start working towards his private pilot certificate before turning 17, however, he can’t fly solo until he’s 16. We typically recommend younger pilots wait until they’re 16. Otherwise you could end up spending a significant amount of money on aircraft rental and flight instructor costs maintaining their skills until they’re 17.

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