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Spirit Wings Pilot Pathway

Spirit Wings Pilot Pathway Program

Your fast track to flying an Airbus A320 with Spirit Airlines!

Thrust Flight and Spirit

Thrust Flight has partnered with Spirit Airlines to give our Zero Time to Airline students and instructors the opportunity to participate in their Wings Pilot Pathway program.

The Spirit Wings Pathway program is designed to help students secure a career with Spirit while still working as a certified flight instructor to complete their hours.

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How the Spirit Wings Pilot Pathway Works

CFIs at Thrust Flight and Zero Time to Airline graduates will be able to apply to the Spirit Pilot Pathway program with only 500 hours of total flight time. This is a significantly lower number than many other cadet and pathway programs.

Upon passing Spirit’s interview process, applicants will receive a conditional offer of employment and will now just need to complete the 1,500 hours for their Airline Transport Pilot certificate.

Upon completing your 1,500 hours you’ll enter FO training and then join Spirit Airlines as a first officer flying an Airbus A320!

Spirit Wings Pathway Requirements: 

  • Complete the Thrust Flight Zero Time to Airline program
  • Must be at least 21 years of age
  • Hold a commercial pilot certificate with instrument rating and CFI
  • Current FAA First Class Medical
  • Be a United States Citizen or poses the legal right to work in the US
  • Completed 500 hours of flight time

Why Choose Spirit Airlines:

  • Great quality of life.
  • 10 crew bases in major cities across the US.
  • One of the youngest fleets in the industry with average age of only 6 years.
  • Rapid upgrade times from First Officer to Captain.

*Photo Credit: Dagoberto Artavia Fotografía