Thrust Flight Reviews

Interested in training here at Thrust Flight? Hear directly from some of our past students in the reviews below. We're always looking for way to improve and grow our programs and rely heavily on feedback on our customers to continually enhance our programs.

If you're a current student or former student and have feedback to share we'd love to hear from you. Just send our Chief Instructor an email and she'll get back to you.

Zero Time to Airline Reviews


April Privett

"The ZTA program at Thrust is the way to go if you are serious about becoming a pilot. All of their planes are clean and well-maintained, and the sportcruiser is fun to fly. I love that they have an in-person, classroom-style ground school. It makes a huge difference when it comes to grasping the material.

The instructors are dedicated and professional. Staff is easy to reach and accommodating. I call Bryan almost every morning to help shuffle planes around and he’s always happy to help. You can tell everyone here wants you to succeed and they really care about the needs of each student."


Kaylee Jeffries

"Thrust Flight has a wonderful, friendly staff all the way from Brian at the front desk to instructors like Gabriel and Ricky to Stuart and everyone in the admin office. Their planes are very new and well kept, and their zero time to airline program is a godsend to pilots like me, which includes financing and housing options if needed. Thanks for all the support!"

Thrust Flight CFI Academy Reviews

Chris J Thrust Flight Review

Chris J

"I'm a newly minted CFI and a proud student from the October 2019 CFIA accelerated program at Thrust Addison. Thrust provides world class training both on the ground and in the plane. Customer service is phenomenal across the entire organization with lots of support available."

"As expected, the CFIA academy requires readiness and participation from each student but upon completion each candidate will be prepared to conquer the practical oral. As a testament to my expectations being exceeded, I plan to return to Thrust in 2020 to train for the CFII. Contact Thrust and schedule your class for CFIA, you will be pleased with your results!"

Mike Golf

"I rate this school very highly. The instructors are fairly young on average, but very highly motivated. The CFI and CFII academy run by Bob is absolutely outstanding. The aircraft are modern, clean and well maintained. I relish coming to fly with them and their fleet."

Jared Eitel

"Great facility, fleet, and instruction. I wish I would have learned about Thrust Flight earlier in my career. I'll definitely refer any of my friends/family looking aviation to Thrust."

Alex Silverman

"I didn't know what I would get from this course, but it exceeded all of my expectations and I learned so much."

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