Purdue University Flight School Partner

Earn your degree and complete your flight training at the same time. Our partnership with Purdue University gives students the opportunity to complete every rating they need to reach their airlines while also earning a degree in aviation science.

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Earn a Professional Flight Degree

With a professional flight degree, you’ll learn the ins and outs of the aviation industry while also becoming a pilot. The aviation classes at Purdue cover a wide range of topics including how airplanes are built, aviation operations, advanced meteorology, and so much more.

You can view the entire course outline here.

How the Program Works

Unlike many other university programs, Purdue University pushes its students to complete their flight training at the beginning of their program rather than drag it out over the entire 4 year period.

This means you’ll start training during your first 10-week term.

If you already have your private pilot license or other ratings, you could be eligible to receive credit towards your degree which could shorten your program while also saving money.

As a Purdue University flight school partner, you can do all of your flight training with us while going through all of your coursework with Purdue online.

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Certifications You’ll Receive

As part of the Purdue professional pilot program you’ll earn:

  • Private Pilot Flight Certification
  • Instrument Rating Certification
  • Commercial Pilot Flight Certification
  • Certified Flight Instructor Certification (CFI)
  • Multiengine Flight Certification (ME)
How to be a good flight instructor

Program Timeline

Purdue offers multiple opportunities to start the program throughout the year. You can visit their website to see start dates and application deadlines.

Most students will fly at least a couple of times each week. Different certifications are spread throughout your program but upon completion, you’ll be ready to work as a certified flight instructor.

Zero Time to Airline Student Events

Student Events

One of the benefits of doing your flight training at Thrust Flight is you’ll be able to participate in the events we host at our facility. Many Purdue flight school partners don’t host such events or don’t allow university affiliate students to attend. That’s not the case at Thrust Flight.

We also host recruiting events with multiple airlines, career training classes, community events to introduce community members to general aviation, and unique training opportunities to help you expand your skills.

Is the Purdue University Professional Pilot program for you? If you’re ready to start training, click the button below to begin the application process.