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Thrust Flight® Receives Number Two Ranking on Flying Mag’s Flight School Guide




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    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: August 11, 2022

    Addison, TX:

    The Thrust Flight Group, a professional flight academy based at Addison Airport, is thrilled to be ranked the number two Flight School by Flying Magazine in their nationwide Guide to flight training programs. This guide includes a ranking of 111 flight schools and colleges with aviation degrees across the US.

    Thrust Flight received 36 out of a possible 40 points placing it in the second position among all flight schools and universities with flight training programs ranked. This ranking is based on a number of factors including industry partners, fleet and facilities, and the value students receive from attending.

    “We’re excited to see the recognition from Flying Mag for the program we‘ve built,” said Liz Brassaw, Chief Flight Operations Officer of Thrust Flight. “Our team is filled with talented individuals who are dedicated to building the best pilots in the nation and this achievement is a reflection of their hard work.”

    Thrust Flight has experienced tremendous growth over the past 12 months across every flight training program they offer including the Zero Time to Airline program designed to meet the demand for more airline pilots. And with the recent purchase of 22 Piper aircraft and approval of examining authority for their Commercial Single Engine Land Part 141 curriculum, they are prepared to continue this incredible momentum for years to come.

    About Thrust Flight: Thrust Flight is a leading professional flight academy located at Addison Airport. They offer flight instruction services for many different aviation ratings and certificates. Through their Zero Time to Airline® program, they prepare flight students for a career at the airlines. To learn more about Thrust Flight, visit their website at www.thrustflight.com.

    Brian Brassaw

    Thrust Flight




    2 responses to “Thrust Flight® Receives Number Two Ranking on Flying Mag’s Flight School Guide”

    1. Michael J. White MD

      My daughter has 1 semester of college left in Denton and will likely enroll in an accelerated “zero to airline pilot” type academy. She’s been looking at ATP but discovered Thrust today and really enjoyed the content she was able to find online (informative and social media). To her, it seemed like Thrust was the better school, but is ranked #2 behind ATP. Why do you think ATP got the better rating? More locations or something.

      1. Brian Brassaw

        Looking at Flying Mag’s flight school guide it just comes down to locations and one additional airline partnership. You can see how they determine the rankings here: https://www.flyingmag.com/how-we-ranked-these-flight-schools/

        The best way to make your evaluation though is to just come by for a tour. Our admissions team can answer all of your questions and when you’re here you can talk to anyone you’d like. Everyone walking around our facility in a red shirt is a Zero Time to Airline student and would be happy to tell you about their experience in our program. You can also check out this series on YouTube that’s following some of our recent Zero Time to Airline students that will give you a direct look at what the program is like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJvV4UCXIK8&list=PLxcxuUEaGbMDCr3yuawdWQjdW01UJoBEo

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