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Student Life

We’re all pilots here

Your life while attending Thrust Flight’s Zero Time to Airline program will be immersed in aviation. At any given moment roughly half the students at the school aren’t there for a lesson- it’s just the place everyone likes to hang out! We take tremendous pride in the fun and exciting culture we have cultivated, and actively try and share that with each and every individual student that dons a red shirt.


Nearby, affordable housing is available to all Zero Time to Airline students for an additional $560 per month.

You’ll be roomed with fellow students going through the same program, so even when you’re home you’ll be surrounded by pilots!



Once a month, on the first day of each new Zero Time to Airline class, we clear out the hangar and provide food for all of our students.

This is also when we host our “pinning ceremony”- for each checkride you pass at Thrust Flight you receive a pin to commemorate your achievement. These are awarded on a monthly basis to all who passed a checkride in the previous month.

Hangar Hangout

The main Thrust Flight hangar is host to many events throughout the year. But it’s also where our students and instructors spend much of their down time.

It’s a common occurrence for us to throw burgers and hot dogs on the grill and enjoy time getting to know each other. And of course, discuss all things aviation.


The Checkride Siren

When a student at Thrust Flight passes their checkride, we want everyone to know about it, and we mean EVERYONE.

That’s why we got the Checkride Siren.

Throughout the day everyone at the airport hears the sound of Thrust Flight’s checkride siren and knows we’re continuing to make #MorePilots.