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Thrust Flight® is Looking for an Additional Chief Pilot





Addison, TX: The Thrust Flight Group, a professional flight academy based at Addison Airport, is searching for an additional chief pilot to help continue its rapid growth. With the recent approval of examining authority from the FAA, addition of future locations, and the purchase of 22 new Piper aircraft, Thrust Flight needs another energetic chief pilot to help continue this incredible momentum.

This chief pilot will play an important role in strengthening the Zero Time to Airline® program as well as being a mentor and coach to our many flight instructors. 

Thrust Flight currently operates two locations in North Texas. This chief pilot position is based at their Addison, TX location but may require occasional travel to the Denison, TX location and other future locations. 

“Liz Brassaw has been our Chief Flight Operations Officer and Chief Pilot for the last several years and we’re proud of the work she’s done in building our rigorous flight training program,” said Patrick Arnzen, CEO of Thrust Flight. “We also recognize the only way to continue our growth is to bring on additional Chief Pilots who will play a critical role in our future growth and success.”

For complete details on the position see the job description below:

The Chief Pilot is responsible for managing the flight operations of FAA part 61 and Part 141 training programs. Duties include supervising assistant chief instructors, check instructors, and flight instructors. In addition, the chief pilot must work with the program administrators on maintaining all paperwork in accordance with FAA regulations, including Training Course Outlines (TCOs), student training records, and all official communication with the FAA regarding part 141 operations.

This is a full-time employee or contract position. 

Specific Duties:

  • Supervision of flight operations personnel.
  • Conducting stage checks for students progressing through courses.
  • Resolve disciplinary issues.
  • Audit compliance with student records requirements.
  • Maintain instructional records in accordance with FAA and Company standards and formats.
  • Perform competency and standardization checks for instructors.
  • Supervise and delegate responsibilities to assistant chief pilots and check instructors.
  • Monitor activity of persons on company premises and utilizing company aircraft; ensure compliance with all FAA, TSA, and company policies and safe operating practices.
  • Comply with all FAA and company directives, rules, policies, and regulations, including attendance at all standardization, safety, and flight instructor meetings.
  • Serve as an advisor and mentor to students and instructors.
  • Evaluate Instructors’ performance and act as a mentor to help them improve their skills
  • Oversee all aspects of flight operations including hiring new employees, conducting training programs, and maintaining high instructional standards.
  • Ensure all Company premises and aircraft are kept neat, clean, and free of debris.
  • Dress in a professional and appropriate manner in Company attire.
  • Act in a professional and courteous manner at all times.

Required Minimum Qualifications:

  • Certificated Flight Instructor Certificate, Single Engine Land, Instrument Airplane
  • Commercial Pilot Certificate for Airplane, Single Engine Land, Multi-Engine Land
  • Instrument Airplane Rating
  • Valid Class 1 or 2 Medical Certificate
  • 1,000hrs Pilot in Command time
  • 500hrs Dual Given
  • Held a CFI certificate for 24 months or more

About Thrust Flight: Thrust Flight is a leading professional flight academy located at Addison Airport. They offer flight instruction services for many different aviation ratings and certificates. Through their Zero Time to Airline® program, they prepare flight students for a career at the airlines. To learn more about Thrust Flight, visit their website at

Brian Brassaw

Thrust Flight


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