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Thrust Flight Partners with Purdue University Global to Address Projected Demand for Pilots




FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 14, 2021

“We’re excited to partner with Purdue to help train even more exceptional pilots,” said Patrick Arnzen, CEO of Thrust Flight. “Purdue’s professional flight program is highly regarded in the industry and we know by combining their program with our ability to deliver remarkable flight training we can help students prepare for a successful career in aviation.”

“We’ve worked to create an environment of learning and support here at Thrust Flight and I know Purdue Global’s online students will benefit from this as they do their flight training at our facilities and move through their Purdue coursework,” said Liz Brassaw, Chief Flight Operations Officer at Thrust Flight.

Thrust Flight students, employees, and immediate family members (spouse, domestic partner, children, siblings, and parents) will receive a 20% tuition reduction for undergraduate degrees and certificates and a 14% reduction for graduate degrees and certificates.

As U.S. airline pilots approach the federally mandated retirement age of 65, the industry faces a shortage of pilots. Reports forecast a need for more than 800,000 pilots over the next 20 years, and airlines are already finding it hard to fill open positions. This partnership is designed to get students flying immediately, shortening the timeline to professional pilot in order to meet this demand.

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