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    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: August 3, 2022

    Addison, TX: Thrust Flight® is thrilled to announce they have earned Examining Authority on their Commercial Single Engine Land Course from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for their Part 141-approved curriculum.

    Flight test examining authority is only available to flight schools that have demonstrated their ability to deliver consistent, high-quality training to their students. Thrust Flight is one of the only schools in the North Texas area to receive examining authority. 

    There has been a nationwide shortage of Designated Pilot Examiners in the country. The North Texas region is no exception. Students generally wait in excess of a month to receive a checkride from a designated pilot examiner. Examining authority eliminates this backlog and ultimately saves students time and money on their commercial program as they no longer need to schedule and pay a designated pilot examiner at the end of their course.

    “Our team has been working hard to achieve this for some time and we’re excited to be one of the few schools in the country to offer this to our students,” says Liz Brassaw, Chief Flight Operations Officer of Thrust Flight.

    Flight schools that receive Examining authority are held to incredibly high standards by the FAA. It involves continuous oversight to ensure the training given and performance standards students are held to are maintained at the highest level. 

    In order to qualify for Examining authority on any certificate or rating, a flight school must achieve and maintain a 90% pass rate on student’s first attempt with a minimum of 10 consecutive students with an examiner or DPE who is not an employee of the school.

    This is Thrust Flight’s first course to receive approval for Examining authority with more courses currently in the process.

    About Thrust Flight: Thrust Flight is a leading professional flight academy located at Addison Airport. They offer flight instruction services for many different aviation ratings and certificates. Through their Zero Time to Airline® program, they prepare flight students for a career at the airlines. To learn more about Thrust Flight, visit the company’s website at

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