How to Get a Job as a Pilot at Allegiant Air

Allegiant Air jet flying

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    In this article learn about becoming a pilot at Allegiant Air and how much you could earn.

    About Allegiant Air

    Allegiant Air is a U.S. Passenger airline that was founded in 1997 as WestJet Express.  After losing a dispute with WestJet Air Center in South Dakota, they changed their name to Allegiant Air.  Allegiant has over 1,000 pilots that fly their customers to over 120 destinations across the U.S and the Caribbean.

    Allegiant is unique because they do not fly to every city and they do not fly to most of their destinations every day. Due to Allegiant Air’s fragmented pilot schedules, the pilots that work for Allegiant Air often live at the base that they are assigned. This is because the commute can be difficult, especially at airports with limited service. 

    Where are Allegiant Bases?

    • AVL – Asheville, NC
    • BLI – Bellingham, WA
    • CVG – Cincinnati, OH
    • FLL – Ft Lauderdale, FL
    • IND – Indianapolis, IN
    • IWA – Phoenix Mesa-Gateway, AZ
    • LAS – Las Vegas, NV
    • LAX – Los Angeles, CA
    • OAK – Oakland, CA
    • PGD – Punta Gorda FL
    • PIE – St. Petersburg FL
    • PIT – Pittsburgh, PA
    • SFB – Orlando Sanford, FL

    What airplanes are in the Allegiant Fleet?

    • Airbus A319
    • Airbus A320

    What are the Minimum Qualifications for Allegiant pilots?

    For Allegiant pilots there are two sets of requirements or minimum qualifications. There are the regulatory requirements set by the FAA, TSA, DOT, and even FCC. Then there are the individual airline requirements for the job. 

    Regulatory Requirements:

    • Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) Certificate
    • Current First Class Medical Certificate
    • Radiotelephone Operator’s Permit
    • Secure Identification Display Area (SIDA) Badge eligibility
    • Successful completion of pre-employment drug test
    • Successful completion of Pilot Records Improvement Act (PRIA) evaluation
    • 1500 hours fixed-wing flight time

    Allegiant Pilot Job Requirements:

    • Minimum of 1500 flight hours (fixed wing) total documented time. A conversion of X1.3 added to military time.
    • Minimum of 1,000 hours of fixed-wing turboprop or turbofan time
    • Minimum of 250 hours PIC in an aircraft categorized as an airplane
    • Minimum of 50 hours of fixed-wing multi-engine time
    • At least 23 years of age & has not reached the age of 65

    Allegiant Pilots Salary

    Just like the passenger airlines, Allegiant Air pilot’s pay will vary based on the plane you fly and the number of hours you fly during each bidding period. They have a 70 hour monthly and 72 reserve guarantee. Given the factors above, the salary below should only be considered an estimate of annual pay based on available sources.

    First Officer:

    • Year 1: $34,500
    • Year 3: $44,500
    • Year 4: $47,100


    • Year 1: $104,000
    • Year 5: $110,000
    • Year 12: $122,100

    Learn how to become an airline pilot and how much you could earn at all the major and regional airlines in the USA on our pilot pay guide.

    How Do I Apply to be a Pilot at Allegiant Air?

    If you meet all of the qualifications listed above you can visit the Allegiant jobs website and create a profile.

    By creating a profile you enter the hiring pool for Allegiant. As you continue to fly, be sure to update your profile regularly to improve your chances of being selected for an interview. Be sure you also take a look at their knowledge test outline to prepare.

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