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FedEx Pilot Salary – How to Become a FedEx Pilot




Many aspiring pilots wonder, ‘How much do FedEx pilots make?’

In this article, we’ll break down a FedEx pilot’s salary and explain exactly how to become a FedEx pilot in just a few short years.

FedEx operates a global cargo fleet that delivers packages around the world. Thousands of businesses and millions of consumers use FedEx every month. Currently, FedEx has over 5,000 pilots and with 100+ pilots retiring every year they are constantly hiring.

With the continued growth of e-commerce, it’s expected that delivery needs around the world will continue to increase which is great news for FedEx and provides job security for their pilots.

FedEx Pilots Pay

Just like the passenger airlines, FedEx pilot’s pay will vary based on the plane you fly and the number of hours you fly during each bid period.

They have a 74-hour monthly and reserve guarantee. Given the factors above, the FedEx pilot salary below should only be considered an estimate of annual pay based on available sources.

How Did We Get These Numbers

All data used below is pulled from the latest contract between FedEx and the Air Line Pilots Association, the union representing FedEx pilots. These numbers were updated for 2024.

The pay estimates below don’t include any per diem, profit sharing, override pay, or 401k contributions which will increase overall compensation considerably. FedEx pilots are in the middle of negotiations with FedEx to put together a new contract.

Let’s explore the FedEx cargo pilot salary in detail to understand what pilots can expect in terms of compensation:

FedEx First Officer Pay

As a first officer for FedEx your pay starts at $81 per hour on the 737 or at $84 per hour on the 777 among others. It quickly grows to $156 per hour in year two if you are flying on the Boeing 737 and $190 per hour on the 777. The following numbers are an estimate of what you can expect to earn as a FedEx first officer salary.

Years at FedEx as a PilotEstimated Annual First Officer Pay (80 hours/month)
Year 1$77,760
Year 5$162,240
Year 12$197,760
Updated as of March 2024.

FedEx Captain Pay

FedEx captain pay starts at $234 per hour. Pay for senior captains at FedEx can reach considerable levels with pay on the 777 at year 15 reaching $335 per hour. The following are estimates for a FedEx captain salary.

Years at FedEx as a PilotEstimated Annual Captain Pay (80 hours/month)
Year 1$224,640
Year 5$253,440
Year 12$268,800
Updated as of March 2024.

FedEx Pilot Salary Calculator

We’ve put together this simple calculator to give you an estimate of how much you could earn as a FedEx pilot. This was put together using the 2024 pay scale from the Air Line Pilot’s Association, the group that represents American pilots.

FedEx Pilot Pay Calculator

FedEx Pilot Pay Calculator

FedEx Pilot Position

Note this doesn’t include any per diem, profit sharing, override pay, or 401k contributions.

Where are FedEx Bases?

  • Los Angeles, CA: LAX
  • Memphis, TN: MEM
  • Anchorage, AK: ANC
  • Cologne, Germany: CGN
  • Hong Kong: HKG
  • Indianapolis, IN: IND
FedEx jet in the air

What airplanes are in the FedEx Fleet?

  • Boeing 757-200
  • Boeing 767-300 (find out how fast this plane flies)
  • Boeing 777F
  • Airbus A300
  • McDonnell Douglas MD-10
  • McDonnell Douglas MD-11

What are the FedEx Pilot Requirements?

Regulatory Requirements:

  • Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) Certificate
  • Current First Class Medical Certificate
  • Radiotelephone Operator’s Permit
  • Secure Identification Display Area (SIDA) Badge eligibility
  • Successful completion of pre-employment drug test
  • Successful completion of Pilot Records Improvement Act (PRIA) evaluation
  • 1500 hours fixed wing flight time

FedEx Pilot Job Requirements:

  • 1500 hours fixed wing flight time (1000 hours PIC in jet aircraft is preferred; multi-engine turbo-prop aircraft, 12,500 pounds or greater; certain single engine turbo-prop aircraft, or combination of these).
  • 500 PIC required
  • Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university
FedEx Pilot Salary Chart

Discover pilot pay for all the major and regional airlines in the US on our pilot salary guide.

How to Become a FedEx Pilot

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7 responses to “FedEx Pilot Salary – How to Become a FedEx Pilot”

  1. D Bubb

    Together with meeting the minimum flight requirements like 1500hrs, 1000 PIC on jet. Does the type of jet you acquire those hrs on matter? I’m flying 604/605’s. Would these hrs be considered quality, enough for my CV to be looked at?

  2. M Kazee

    What is the best career path to get a job with FedEx as a First Officer? I am currently working as a commercial pilot. Does it help to accept a job with a cargo operation?

    Thanks for any insight you can give!

    1. Brian Brassaw

      The biggest thing is going to be flight hours and what type of aircraft you’re flying. Accepting a job with a cargo operation certainly wouldn’t hurt but you also need 500 hours of PIC time and 1,000 hours of jet time to get to FedEx so you’ll want to do what you can to get those. The flight hours are more important than the type of flying you’re doing.

    2. Gabriel

      Obviously you’d need to finish and get your ATP and hour requirements.

      A good option might be working with an airline that does have a focus on cargo. Doing so might help you get hours focused towards what FedEx wants.

      In the end the best option would probably be to reach out to a FedEx recruiter and speak with them about opportunities and what they look for in a candidate.

  3. Aaliyah Clemons

    What is the best degree to get? I am a biochemistry major, will this work?

    1. Brian Brassaw

      You can get just about any degree you’d like. We recommend pursuing something you enjoy that could work as a backup in the event you can’t fly your entire life.

  4. William koleno

    More than enough flight experience need atp

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