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Thrust Flight Orders an Additional 22 Piper Aircraft for 2025





These state-of-the-art Piper Aircraft add to the 12 Piper Archer TX aircraft Thrust Flight received in 2022. With an additional 8 Archers and 2 additional Piper Seminole aircraft due to arrive in 2023, Thrust Flight’s fleet continues to expand to meet the pilot training demand in the market. This will expand Thrust Flight’s fleet to over 50 aircraft

Each of these aircraft come equipped with the Garmin G1000 avionics suite and feature air-conditioning for ultimate student comfort while training. These cutting-edge aircraft also come equipped with state-of-the-art autopilot systems, an investment that sets Thrust Flight apart from the majority of flight schools that don’t provide extensive training on autopilot systems. 

“We take pride in providing the safest and best-equipped aircraft for our students to train in throughout the industry. Our commitment to providing comfortable and technologically advanced training sets us apart from other flight schools and has led to significant growth throughout our programs.” says Patrick Arnzen, CEO at Thrust Flight. “This is also part of our ongoing goal to keep our entire training fleet less than 5 years old.”

The expansion of Thrust Flight’s fleet comes at a crucial time, as the aviation industry faces a surge in demand for new pilots over the next decade. As a trusted provider of flight training, Thrust Flight is committed to meeting this demand by offering accessible, high-quality training to those who dream of a career in aviation. Keep an eye out for announcements about additional Thrust Flight locations coming soon.

These new aircraft will arrive in 2025 from the Piper Aircraft factory in Vero Beach, FL. They will be used at Thrust Flight’s two locations at Addison Airport and North Texas Regional Airport, plus future expansion sites.

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