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cost of a piper seminole

Piper Seminole

When you reach your multi-engine training at Thrust Flight you’ll be flying in one of our brand new Piper Seminole aircraft. The Piper Seminole is the most popular aircraft used for multi-engine flight training and for good reason. It’s a joy to fly, performs well, and allows students to learn in a reliable and consistent aircraft.

Quantity in our fleet: 2

Year model: 2023

Avionics: G1000

Piper Seminole Specs



27 ft. 7 in.


8.5 ft.


38 ft. 7 in.

Maximum Passengers


Useful Load

975 lbs.

Maximum Takeoff Weight

3,800 lbs.


Lycoming O-360-B1G6

Power Output

180 HP


Max Cruise Speed

168 KIAS

Cruise Speed

162 KIAS

Stall Speed (VSO)


Climb Rate

1,340 ft/mn

Max Range

922 nm

Minimum Takeoff Distance

900 ft.

Takeoff Distance to 50 ft.

1,400 ft.

Minimum Landing Distance

2,147 ft.

Fuel Capacity

110 US gal

Average Fuel Consumption

20.4 US gal/hr

Aircraft Documentation

History of the Piper Seminole

The Piper Seminole has undergone several iterations since its inception in the 1970’s. It stands out among other light twin-engine aircraft for its design philosophy and its practical application in flight training.

While there is a great deal that could be written about this popular aircraft, we’ll give you the brief history and highlights here.

Origin of the Piper Seminole

The Piper Seminole can be traced back to the demand for a light twin-engine aircraft and the need from Piper to replace the Apache models.

From the beginning the Seminole was designed for the flight training market and entry-level aircraft market. It was created to be more economical to fly than others at the time like the Twin Comanche or the Grumman Cougar. It was also designed to be easy to operate making it the perfect aircraft for new multi-engine pilots.

The first prototype of the Seminole flew in the 1970’s with the first production run going from 1979-1982. It was then revived from 1989-1990. And in 1995 it was revived once again and has remained in production ever since.

Over the years the aircraft has been updated to keep up with current technology but overall, the design has remained consistent. It features a T-tail design and counter-rotating propellers which minimize the critical engine effect.

Today the Piper Seminole remains a popular training aircraft. It’s a joy to fly and an exceptional aircraft to train in when obtaining your multi-engine rating.


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