How to Get a Job as a Pilot for JetBlue

JetBlue aircraft

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    In this post I’ll share how to become a pilot for JetBlue and how much you can earn.

    About JetBlue

    JetBlue Airways is a U.S passenger airline that was started in 1998. JetBlue carries over 35 million customers per year to over 100 cities in the U.S, Caribbean, and Latin America. JetBlue averages about 930 flights per day.  Currently, a little more than 4,000 pilots work at JetBlue Airways.

    JetBlue has a unique take on luxury travel. Much nicer than your average first-class seating, they have “mint” suites that are meant to make their passengers comfortable with fully lie-flat seats, foam cushions, your own TV, and plenty of personal space.

    Where are JetBlue Bases?

    • Boston, MA – BOS
    • Fort Lauderdale, FL – FLL
    • Long Beach, CA – LGB
    • New York, NY – JFK
    • Orlando, FL – MCO
    • San Juan, Puerto Rico – SJU

    What airplanes are in the JetBlue Fleet?

    JetBlue aircrat

    What are the Minimum Qualifications for JetBlue pilots?

    For JetBlue pilots, there are two sets of requirements or minimum qualifications. There are the regulatory requirements set by the FAA, TSA, DOT, and even FCC. Then there are the individual airline requirements for the job. 

    Regulatory Requirements:

    • Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) Certificate
    • Current First Class Medical Certificate
    • Radiotelephone Operator’s Permit
    • Secure Identification Display Area (SIDA) Badge eligibility
    • Successful completion of pre-employment drug test
    • Successful completion of Pilot Records Improvement Act (PRIA) evaluation
    • 1500 hours fixed-wing flight time

    JetBlue Pilot Essential Responsibilities

    • Assist the Captain in ensuring the safe outcome of each flight in accordance with all Federal Aviation Regulations and Company policies procedures and risk controls
    • Safely operate the aircraft in accordance with all Federal Aviation Regulations and Company policies and procedures
    • Provide an excellent experience for all Customers and uphold the JetBlue values of Safety, Caring, Integrity, Passion, and Fun
    • Work with fellow JetBlue Crewmembers and/or Business Partners to ensure a team approach to proactively solve Customer and/or operational challenges  
    • Maintain skills, training, and qualifications in accordance with all Federal Aviation Regulations and Company policies and procedures
    • Identify and recall JetBlue’s Safety Management System (SMS), Safety Policy, Security Policy, and behavioral standards
    • Identify safety and security concerns, issues, incidents, or hazards that should be reported and report them whenever possible and by any means necessary including JetBlue’s confidential reporting systems (Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP) and Safety Action Report (SAR)
    • Other duties as assigned

    Jetblue Pilot Job Minimum Requirements:

    • High School Diploma or General Education Development (GED) Diploma
    • Valid Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate with an airplane category and multiengine class ratings (Unrestricted or Restricted)
    • 500 hours in fixed-wing airplanes
    • Current FAA First Class Medical Certificate
    • Valid FCC Radiotelephone Operator’s Permit
    • Currently in possession of a U.S. passport or foreign passport with applicable visas to freely enter and exit, without restrictions, to all JetBlue destinations.  All passport holders should have a minimum of 12 months validity remaining at the time of application.
    • Travel documents must remain valid throughout all phases of training and employment
    • Three reference letters from Pilots who can personally attest to the candidate’s flying skills
    • Knowledge of Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat Reader, and the ability to use browsers effectively including iOS
    • Excellent communication skills
    • Complete and continuous fluency in written and spoken English
    • Ability to think creatively
    • Excellent interpersonal skills
    • Problem-solving skills
    • Able to report within 2 hours of notice to the assigned base location
    • Must be able to adhere to JetBlue Flight Crewmember Uniform Appearance Standards 
    • Knowledge of basic computer and electronic tablet devices 
    • Able to read and comprehend guidance as found in required manuals
    • Able to work as a team to deliver the JetBlue Experience
    • Able to work varying schedules including reserve duty, weekends, evenings, holidays, and last-minute drafting
    • Must meet and maintain a personal driving record that complies with JetBlue Insurance Standards
    • Pass a ten (10) year background check, pre-employment drug test
    • Legally eligible to work in the country in which the position is located

    JetBlue Pilots Pay

    Just like other passenger airlines, JetBlue pilot’s pay will vary based on the plane you fly and the number of hours you fly during each bid period. They have a 70 hour monthly and 75 reserve guarantee. Given the factors above, the salary below should only be considered an estimate of annual pay based on available sources.

    JetBlue aircraft taking off

    First Officer:

    • Year 1: $45,000
    • Year 5: $106,000
    • Year 15: $124,000


    • Year 1: $132,000
    • Year 5: $168,000
    • Year 15: $183,000

    Discover pilot pay for all the major and regional airlines in the USA on our pilot salary guide.

    How Do I Apply for a JetBlue Pilot Job?

    If you meet all of the qualifications listed above you can visit the JetBlue jobs website and apply by creating an account and filling out all necessary details and qualifications.

    Follow this link to check openings and apply for first officer positions.

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