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16 Gift Ideas for Your Flight Instructor




In this post I’m going to share with you some fun gift ideas for your flight instructor.

Your flight instructor has sat crunched up with you in a hot, small aircraft and tirelessly nudged you towards your aviation successes.

You know they deserve a pretty awesome gift! However, they may be a little tricky to buy for. 

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So, I’ve put together the perfect gift list for the perfect flight instructor in your life.

You’ll find all sorts of ideas from simple stickers and tie clips to useful gifts such as high-tech water bottles and fun gifts such as a model aircraft. 

16 Great Gifts for Flight Instructors

It’s important to stay hydrated, and your flight instructor will love this updated, easy-to-use, trendy water bottle.

The Chug Cap makes it easy to have a quick drink. YETI’s mugs are all double-wall vacuum insulated, so your flight instructor’s drink will stay ice cold throughout the flight and the day. Stainless steel construction means it’s up for hard wear.

This YETI fits in most cup holders and can transfer seamlessly from the aircraft to the office, to the car, and back home.  The leak-proof cap means it will be safe in their flight bag.

It comes in 18 different colors, so you can find one that perfectly matches your instructor’s style.  

If your instructor needs a little caffeine to get going before a flight, they will love this YETI Rambler mug.

It’s vacuum insulated, so their beverage of choice will stay hot for hours. The YETI Rambler mug features a YETI MagSlider lid, which uses magnets to keep the slider closed.

When your instructor is ready for a sip, it’s easy to push the slider back and enjoy their drink. 

These mugs are dishwasher safe and feature a No Sweat Design, so the mug doesn’t drip condensation. In addition, this coffee mug comes in a variety of different colors.

These reusable Keurig coffee filters fit older and newer machines. These filters mean that you can add your favorite coffee blend instead of being stuck with the K-Cup flavors.

In addition, the reusable design means that you can use these reusable filters instead of adding tons of trash to landfills every day. If your CFI is a coffee addict, they’ll love being able to free themselves from the limits of FBO coffee.

Another benefit of using these coffee filters is saving money. Instead of having to buy really expensive K-Cups, you can use your own favorite blend of coffee and spend pennies on the dollar. It’s a win-win-win.  These filters are dishwasher safe and are sure to bring smiles to the whole flight school. 

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Josh Bach has a line of fabulous designer airplane ties and these ones are a great gift idea for your flight instructor.

Your instructor undoubtedly needs a full array of fashionable ties to get through the week, and one of these gorgeous silk ties will really improve their wardrobe.

Choose from Blackbird Spy Plane, WWII bombers, or WWII fighters. 

If your instructor has a sense of humor and a penchant for hot beverages, they will love this ceramic mug.

The quote says, “I’m a flight instructor. I solve problems you don’t know you have in ways you can’t understand”.

This fun mug will make your instructor laugh every time they use it and is sure to be a big hit in the office.

No matter what awful thing you’ve done to your flight instructor, other students have done worse.

From putting flaps down in the middle of a cross-country at cruise altitude, or putting the airplane In a spin, or pulling the mixture during the take-off roll, your flight instructor has been through the wringer! 

They are sure to get a good laugh out of the quote on this T-Shirt. It says, “You Can’t Scare Me; I’m a Flight Instructor.”

Commemorate the funny and scary times you’ve had together with this Laugh Out Loud shirt. 

If your flight instructor is constantly losing their keys, this airplane keychain is the perfect gift.

The miniature model plane serves as a constant reminder of their aspirations.

They’ll love it so much, they’ll never lose their keys again!  

This super lovely tie clip features a low-wing aircraft. It’s the perfect accessory for an instructor who wants to add some aircraft bling to their wardrobe. 

Here is another excellent tie clip for the flight instructor in your life, but instead of featuring one specific aircraft, it calls to mind the freedom of flight with a propeller motif.

This tie clip serves as a reminder to keep moving forward while looking extra sharp. 

Your instructor probably wants to relax and enjoy a hobby in their off-time.

If your instructor loves airplanes and loves working with their hands, check out this balsa wood aircraft model.

It’ll be a fun and relaxing diversion for your instructor on a rainy day or just when they want to take some time for a hobby. 

Just be careful; if you do it together, your instructor will probably use the time for a “fun” aircraft component quiz or to review the required equipment list. 

This balance plane will look great on your instructor’s desk and will provide endless hours of entertainment.

Just give the aircraft a gentle nudge, and the aircraft will spin around for a few minutes while balancing on a single screw.

It also serves as a physics demonstration, conversation point, and a good distraction after a challenging flight. 

Your instructor’s office might become the focal point of the FBO as other pilots are sure to want to give it a whirl. 

It’s a fact that all instructors have piles of books. Private pilot manuals, weather handbooks, school syllabi, aircraft systems, aircraft manuals; the book list is endless!

Dress up your instructor’s offices with these gorgeous bookends. 

These bookends feature a traditional biplane in a pewter finish; half the biplane is featured on each bookend.

This functional gift will keep your instructors neat and organized. The bookends are not only useful but gorgeous, too. 

The Cessna logo is legendary in pilot circles. Your instructor probably soloed in a Cessna 152 or 172, and it’s likely they teach at least some lessons in these iconic aircraft.

This comfortable, high-quality hat’s Cessna logo is featured in 3D embroidery.

Your instructor can now keep the sun out of their eyes during pre-flight inspection. This beautiful hat is sure to become a beloved part of your instructor’s uniform. 

This sticker is a perfect way for your instructor to show off their passion for the sport.

Appearing as an Airport Taxiway Sign, the sticker uses the letters and numbers “A V 8R” to represent the word “aviator.”

This sticker is a fun way to dress up a flight bag, car bumper, water bottle, or anywhere your instructor collects and displays their stickers.

If your instructor is a true aviation sticker fan, you can’t go wrong with this 52 piece set.

These stickers represent airlines from around the world, such as Japan Air Lines, Delta, United, and Air Canada.

Your instructor is sure to find their favorite airline in this extensive set.

Undoubtedly, your instructor loves the allure and mystique of traveling by air.

Nothing evokes the feeling of the romance of flight like a vintage Pan Am Poster. This poster represents a “Fly to the Caribbean by Clipper” advertisement.

If your instructor has any free space on their wall (or even if they have to tear down something else to make room), they will adore this vibrant, nostalgic poster.

Give Your Instructor a Gift They Will Treasure

Your instructor has been there for you through thick and thin. They’ve gently corrected your mistakes, saved you from yourself, and guided you to the competent, confident pilot you are today. 

We know your instructor will be genuinely thrilled to receive a gift from their favorite flight student! What other flight instructor gift ideas do you have?

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