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Thrust Orders New Aerobatic Plane To Join Growing Fleet





Addison, TX: Thrust Flight announces a new aircraft coming to their fleet. The Texas based flight school has announced the purchase of a new Game Composites aircraft. 

Thrust Flight’s fleet, primarily consisting of Piper Archer TXs and Seminoles and Cessna 172 Skyhawks, soon will be adding a GB1 GameBird by the end of 2023. This new aircraft will open the  training possibilities for advanced upset and spin recovery training.

“The GameBird is unlike any other aircraft in our fleet,” says Patrick Arnzen, Owner of Thrust Flight. “This aerobatic plane will allow us to increase our capacity to train more students, and allow us to take our trailing experience to a new level that is not possible with our current fleet.”

With its advanced avionics systems and unlimited aerobatic capacity the GB1 GameBird will significantly enrich the training experience for students enrolled in Thrust Flight’s Zero Time to Airline® program. This accelerated program offers aspiring pilots the chance to go from no-flight experience to being airline-ready in less than two years.

“We are constantly striving to provide the best aviation training experience for our students,” Patrick Arnzen, CEO of Thrust Flight added. “With the addition of the GameBird, we are expanding our training resources to reinforce key learning points in our syllabus, and continuing to solidify our position as the leader in aviation training.”

Thrust Flight is committed to providing innovative and enjoyable aviation training in the newest and most advanced aircraft that prepares pilots for a successful career in aviation. The arrival of the GB1 GameBird is just another step in that journey, expanding the potential for a new generation of pilots to learn and grow.

About Game Composites

Game Composites is an aircraft manufacturer based in Bentonville, Arkansas that focuses on advanced composites technology. The all-carbon fiber composite GB1 GameBird is their flagship airplane and is at the top of the leaderboard when it comes to safety, comfort, and capabilities. With up to a +/-10G limit on the airframe, unlimited aerobatic capability, a 200 knot cruise, and 1000+ nm range, the GB1 GameBird is truly in a class all on its own. Expanding the experience of flight beyond straight and level from point A to point B, the GB1 is an airplane that gives you the freedom of flight pilots only dreamt of as a kid.

About Thrust Flight

Thrust Flight is a leading flight school with multiple locations in North Texas. Over the course of their 15-year history, they have trained thousands of pilots who have traveled from around the world to train with them. Through their flagship program, Zero Time to Airline®, they fully prepare flight students for a career at the airlines.

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