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15 Best Gifts for Flight Attendants




In this post I’m going to share my favorite gifts for Flight Attendants.

Do you know or work with a flight attendant? 

Flight Attendants are maybe the most underappreciated professionals in the aviation industry. While pilots get all the glamor of flying the planes, the cabin crew on the front lines of customer service thread the needle between keeping everyone safe and keeping the (unruly) passengers happy. 

Here are a few gift ideas to keep the flight attendants in your life happy, whether to celebrate a new career, an upgrade or just a special holiday for your favorite crew member.

Luxury Travel Accessories

Everyone knows that flight attendants work while traveling, but many spend their free time traveling, too. Those airline travel perks are one of the key reasons people get into the airline industry, after all! 

Keep this in mind when shopping for your FA friends. Any travel accessory that makes moving by plane or dealing with foreign destinations easier is an easy win!

Little Things that Make Airplane and Airport Life Better

Here are a few small items that make living the aviation life a little easier for flight attendants. These are just a few ideas, but since most of us travel on planes, it’s easy to imagine what a life of doing that must look like. 

As you search for a gift for flight attendants, remember they spend a lot of their time in airport terminals, crew lounges, and hotels. Make their lives a little better with these simple day-to-day items.

Airtags + Holder

A 4-pack of Apple Airtags is a must-have if your flight attendant uses an iPhone. They can toss them in their bags or on important items, and never lose a thing again. If they already have the Airtags, consider a flashy leather Airtag holder

Apple AirTag 4 Pack

Buy Now
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02/18/2024 05:08 am GMT

Portable Power Banks and Universal Travel Adapters

Everyone has tons of devices to charge, and anything that can make getting the job done with less fuss is a good gift idea.

There are many options, from simple cord organizers to universal charging adapters that work worldwide.

Battery banks are great flight attendant gifts who need a top-up without worrying about finding an outlet, but beware that the largest ones aren’t allowed in carry-ons. 

Anker PowerCore 20,100mAh Portable Charger Ultra High Capacity Power Bank
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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
02/18/2024 03:53 am GMT

Suitcase Bottle Holder

Rolling luggage is practically the FA’s best friend—at least their most trustworthy companion! Add this handy little pouch to keep water bottles and cell phones handy while taking those long strolls through the terminal building.

Luggage Travel Cup Holder

Buy Now
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02/18/2024 05:13 am GMT

Travel Packing Cubes

Living out of a carry-on is challenging, but these packing cubes make it a little better. Most come in a set, allowing you to speed up the backing and unpacking process while keeping yourself a little more organized. 

Most flight attendants (and airline pilots) keep their bags backed all the time and just cycle out their clothes through their packing cubes. So some high quality packing cubes are an excellent gift for flight attendants.

High Quality Packing Cubes for Frequent Flyers, 9 Pack

Buy Now
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
02/18/2024 05:18 am GMT

Airplane-Themed Jewelry and Clothing

A love of airplanes is a job requirement for flight attendants. They’re sure to swoon over anything with a plane on it. If you can find something that features the specific make and model they fly on, even better!

Don’t worry if your gifts can’t be used on the job. Many airlines have strict dress codes, but FAs like to show off their jet-setting life during their time off, too.

Aviation Home Decor

How about helping your flight attendant friends decorate their crash pads?

There’s not a plane nut out there who doesn’t go crazy for some classy airplane or airport decor. Add a little nostalgia for the golden days of aviation, and it’s sure to win them over. 

Gift Cards for Flight Attendants

Ok, it’s not original. But gift cards are handy, especially if you get just the right one. Think about where flight attendants spend their time and where they will most likely want a treat on you. You’re probably on the right track if you guessed airport cafes and restaurants.

What’s the Best Gift to Give a Flight Attendant?

Like any gift choice, the best gift is one that is special to the recipient and shows you put some thought into it and know them as a person.

When buying the best gift for a flight attendant friend, just think about what they like to do most and what they love most in the world. 

If you want more ideas, take a look at my post on the best gifts for airline pilots.

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