Commercial Pilot Certificate

Commercial Pilot License

With a commercial pilot license, you’re finally ready and able to start earning an income as a pilot. This certificate opens numerous doors, whether you’re on the path to becoming an airline pilot or pursuing one of the many other career options available to pilots.

With our commercial pilot certificate program, you’ll build the hours you need in our well cared for fleet and spend time with our seasoned instructors preparing for the checkride.

A Commercial Pilot Certificate is the First Step in Launching your Aviation Career

3-5 Month Time Frame

The Commercial Pilot License Package Includes:

  • 120 hrs. Total Flight Time
  • 55 hrs. Dual Flight Training
  • 65 hrs. Solo Flight Training
  • 35 Hrs. Personalized Knowledge (Ground) Instruction
  • Jeppesen Commercial Training System


  • Hold a Private Pilot License
  • Hold at least a current 3rd class FAA medical certificate. Later, if your flying requires a commercial pilot certificate, you must hold at least a second-class medical certificate
  • Hold an instrument rating – a commercial pilot is presumed to have an instrument rating.
  • If not, his/her commercial pilot certificate will be endorsed with a prohibition against carrying passengers for hire on day VFR flights beyond 50 NM or at night.


We also offer a finish up course for $3,900. Call us for details.

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