How to Become an Airline Pilot

Your Step-by-Step Guide

Right now is one of the best times in history to become an airline pilot. Airlines are in desperate need of more pilots and are increasing pilot pay and bonuses frequently.

Learn How You Could Become One


First Become a Private Pilot


Learn how to fly small single engine airplanes. You'll Need at least 40 hours of flight time.

Next Earn Your Instrument Rating


You'll learn how to fly in many different types of weather when you have to use only your instruments.

Then Your Commercial Rating


This rating takes a while to complete but when done, allows you to start being paid as a pilot.

Become a Certified Flight Instructor 


Most pilots become CFIs so they can teach others how to fly and build hours towards airline minimums.

Next Up is Your Multi-Engine Rating


As the name suggests, you'll learn to fly an airplane with more than one engine, a requirement by airlines.

Build Time to the 1,500 Hour Airline Minimum


Federal regulations require airline pilots to have 1,500 hours minimum. Once you reach this, you can be hired.

Last, Earn Your Airline Transport Certificate


You'll need this to fly cargo and passenger airlines. Most jobs pay for you to get it once hired.

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