CFI Academy

Take your aviation career to new heights with our certified flight instructor academy. Our accelerated CFI training will help turn you into a confident and capable flight instructor.

The Instructor Academy at Thrust Flight is designed for pilots who wish to start their aviation career working as Certified Flight Instructors.

Our Academy is the correct career choice for you and has been described as comprehensive, intense and fun. Thrust Flight Academy instructors are the best in the nation and are focused on your success.

In the Academy you will develop a strong teaching foundation and be well prepared for the FAA Practical Exam. Thrust Flight frequently has jobs waiting for those candidates who rise to the top of their class.


A CFI certificate gives you the opportunity to get paid as you build hours while honing your pilot skills. One of the best ways to solidify everything you’ve learned as a pilot is to turn around and provide flight instruction to students seeking pilot licenses.

You will be amazed at what a few hundred hours of CFI instruction time will do for your own abilities as a pilot. The Instructor Academy at Thrust Flight will give you the tools you need to become a confident, capable instructor in both the airplane and the classroom.

Building time and experience as a CFI is a highly successful path to an Airline Career.

Accelerated CFI Training

at Thrust Flight

The highest goal of the Instructor Academy at Thrust Flight is to contribute to your aviation career success. To help accomplish this goal we have tailored the Academy to give you choices in you training.

  • Accelerated 15 Day CFI Academy that provides both the required knowledge training and dual flight time to prepare you for the FAA Practical Exam and launch your career as a Flight Instructor.
  • 10 Day “No-Fly” CFI training accelerates completion of the required knowledge training in a structured, classroom environment and then “finish-up” your dual flight training at your local FBO or Training Center on your own schedule. 
    • This No-Fly CFI is designed to provide you the highest quality of knowledge training while missing only 6 workdays (Friday – Sunday).
    • CFI Candidates may also interview with our Airline Partners and potentially join their pathway programs.

Learn more about our Academy course structure below.

Certified Flight Instructor training at Thrust Flight is a professional aviation course of instruction focused on teaching you how to teach students. 

It consists of 60+ hours of interactive ground sessions where your aviation knowledge and understanding of flight maneuvers will be expanded and focused on how you transfer this knowledge to your student.

You will construct lesson plans, practice teaching to other class members, learn how to deal with student frustrations, how to organize your time during a flight or ground lesson and more.

The flight portion (for those flying with us) transitions you from the left seat to the right seat, both in terms of flight proficiency and building confidence in knowing what to say and do during the lesson.

Safety is emphasized throughout the training. Graduates are fully prepared to begin their career as a Certified Flight Instructor.

No-Fly CFI

The CFI No-Fly Academy at Thrust Flight is unique; you will not find this anywhere else. This Academy is designed for the pilot who wishes to accelerate training in the required FAA knowledge areas and then complete their flight training, at their own pace, with their local FBO. 

What does this mean for you?

• Your Academy lasts 10 days, Friday through Sunday, allowing you to miss only 6 days of work

• Complete the flight portion of your CFI training in familiar surroundings at your local FBO, on your own time

• Complete all the FAA required knowledge areas in 60+ hours of classroom instruction provided by top instructors

• All books and materials provided

• Includes FOI Endorsement and log of ground instruction

CFI Airplane Academy

Knowledge Curriculum:

  • Curriculum for both 15 Day CFIA and 10 Day CFIA No-Fly Academies.
  • 10 Days, 60+ hours of interactive knowledge instruction and practice teaching.
  • Comprehensive review on Fundamentals of Instruction (FOI’s).
  • Logbook entry for ground instruction and endorsement for FOI training.
  • Thrust Flight Satchel including all Books & Materials.
  • FOI & FIA Knowledge Test Preparation (If Candidates have completed FOI & FIA exams, then Instructor will provide 61.39 Deficiencies Endorsement).

Flight Curriculum for 15 Day Academy

  • 10 hours of dual flight training in aircraft accomplished over 12 days. (Includes Spin Training if needed).
  • Required endorsements for CFIA Practical exam upon demonstration of proficiency.
  • Help with IACRA and contacting local Designated Pilot Examiners.

Additional Information:

  • Candidates may add-on a PTS mock oral exam at any time during their training. This is excellent preparation for the oral portion of the FAA Practical Test (Minimum 3 hours at instructor rates).

Academies start during the 1st week of each month.

You can secure a place in one of our upcoming academies by calling 972.735.9099


CFIA No-Fly 10 Day Academy - $1,595

CFIA 15 Day (Knowledge & Flight) Academy full price:

Cessna 152: $3,905

Cessna 172 Dynon: $4,388

Sportcruiser: $4,010

CFI Instrument Academy

Knowledge Curriculum:

  • Curriculum for both 15 Day CFII and 10 Day CFII No-Fly Academies.
  • 10 days of knowledge instruction, 6 hours of instruction per day.
  • Total of 60+ classroom hours for the required knowledge areas and practice teaching.
  • Thrust Flight Satchel including all Books & Materials.
  • FII Knowledge Test Preparation.
  • 61.39 Deficiency Endorsement for candidates who compete the FII exam.

Flight Curriculum

  • 7 hours of dual flight training in aircraft.
  • 3 hours of full-motion simulator time.
  • Required endorsements for CFII Practical exam upon demonstration of proficiency.
  • Help with IACRA and contacting local Designated Pilot Examiners.
  • We utilize Cessna 172’s with either the Dynon IFR or Garmin G-1000 suite of avionics.

2019 Remaining Academy Dates

October 19th-25th

You can secure a place in one of our upcoming academies by calling 972.735.9099.


CFII No-Fly 10 Day Academy - $1,595

CFII 15 Day (Knowledge & Flight) Academy Full Price - $ 3,695

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