CFIA & CFII Academy Overview

Become a world-class flight instructor with Thrust Flight’s premier CFI Academy. You’ll experience CFI training unlike any other flight school in the country.

Get the details on our CFI and CFII academies including pricing, timeline, and what you’ll need to get started. After reviewing this information please click here to send us a text if you’re on your phone or give us a call at 972-735-9099. You can also reply to the email we sent you with your questions.

We can’t wait for you to fly with us!

Why Join the CFI Academy

This is the most rigorous CFI training program in the country. It is not easy, casual, or for the faint of heart but it is straightforward.

We produce hundreds of flight instructors every year and know exactly what steps you need to take to become a great flight instructor. Our CFI Academy will walk you through every step, building your knowledge and abilities so you can deliver phenomenal training to your future students.

Our group-based approach is unique in the industry. And it’s one of the reasons our academy is able to produce so many top-tier flight instructors.

Thrust Flight Piper Archer


CFI Academy: Our CFI Academy has two pricing options based on what aircraft you’ll be flying. The Cessna 172 or Piper Archer TX is $5,189*.

CFII Academy: The CFII Academy is $4,098* in either a Cessna 172 or a Piper Archer TX.

No Fly Academies: Our CFI no-fly academy is $1,895 and the CFII no-fly is $1,095. These are in-person academies for those who are doing their flying elsewhere.

*Program prices listed above do not include any current fuel surcharges. For the latest fuel surcharge prices please contact our team.

Cessna 172 Flying


CFI Academy: The CFI Academy is 15 days. The first 10 days are classroom training and the last 5 are dedicated to the flight portion. For the CFI No-Fly academy, plan to attend the first 10 days.

CFII Academy: The CFII Academy is 10 days. The first 5 days are classroom training and the last 5 are dedicated to the flight portion. For the CFII No-Fly academy, plan to attend the first 5 days.

What is the No-Fly Academy

While the majority of our CFI Academy students fly with us, a portion of our students prefer to attend the ground portion with us and fly at their home airport.

The no-fly academy allows you to work with our incredible team of academy instructors and then do your flying at your own pace. At this time we do not offer a virtual option for our CFI Academy.

Aircraft Rates*

The CFI Academies include a set amount of flight hours. If you need additional flight time you can book it at the following rates:

Piper Archer TX

Piper Archer with A/C: $209 per hour

Cessna 172 RG

Cessna 172 with A/C: $209 per hour

*Please note that the rates above do not include any fuel surcharges. As of April 2022, a fuel surcharge has been put in effect due to the rapidly increasing fuel prices. For current surcharge rates please speak with a member of our team.

CFI Academy Prep Course

The CFI Academy includes an online CFI prep course. This course will help you get the most out of the in-person academy and also help you prepare for your checkride. It ensures you enter the academy with the required baseline of knowledge so you can hit the ground running on the first day.

You’ll receive access to the prep course as soon as you enroll. We require all CFI academy students to complete the course at least 3 days before the academy begins.

New Student Checklist

The checklist below is intended as a guide so you know what to expect in order to start your CFI/CFII training.

Before working on any of these items please speak with a member of our team so we can address any questions and guide you through the process.

If you’re joining us for a no-fly academy, the only documents you need to submit are your ID, Pilot Certificate, and to sign the rental and services agreement.

Deposit Details

In order to reserve your spot in our CFI or CFII academy, you’ll need to pay a $1,000 deposit when you enroll in the class. The remaining balance will be collected 2-3 days before the academy begins.

1. Medical Certificate

We’ll need a copy of your current medical certificate. If you no longer have a medical certificate you’ll need to get a new one before you can train with us.

2. Document Signatures

These are documents you’ll sign during the onboarding process. They are collectively called the Rental and Service Agreement.

3. ID & TSA Verification

We’ll need a copy of your government ID along with your birth certificate or your passport. These documents are used for TSA verification. If you’re a permanent resident please see the TSA Approval section below.

4. Aircraft Rental Insurance

Non-owned aircraft rental insurance is required for every student whether they’re flying solo or with an instructor. “Non-owned” Rental insurance may be obtained through Avemco Insurance Company by visiting their website or by calling 1-888-241-7891. Be sure to use the promotional code. “TF16”.

Insurance CoverageAmount
Standard Bodily Injury$25,000
Property Damage$250,000
Non-Owned Aircraft Physical Damage/Liability$30,000

*Non-Owned Aircraft Insurance can be either Single-Engine or Multi-Engine. As a CFI/CFIIstudent, you’ll be training in a single-engine aircraft so your rental insurance should match.

5. Pilot Certificate

We’ll need a copy of your current pilot certificate, both front and back.

What to Do Next

If you have additional questions or you’re ready to get started simply click here to send us a text if you’re on your phone or give us a call at 972-735-9099.


If you need housing while you attend the CFI/CFII Academy, we’ve partnered with a few local hotels to offer a discounted rate. Click the link below to view more information on housing options.