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US Sport Aircraft Brings SportCruiser Aircraft Back to the USA




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    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: April 8th, 2022

    Addison, TX: US Sport Aircraft, based at Addison Airport, is excited to announce it’s reached an agreement with Czech Aircraft Group, manufacturer of the SportCruiser aircraft, to bring it back to the USA. US Sport Aircraft will also be a source for all SportCruiser spare parts and technical and warranty support. 

    US Sport Aircraft originally imported SportCruisers from 2006 through 2017, building the US market for these popular airplanes. Their flight school partner, Thrust Flight®, continues to use SportCruisers extensively for flight training, providing students with a modern, cost-effective, all-glass aircraft.

    “We experienced great demand when we originally imported SportCruiser and can’t wait to see them available once again,” said Thrust Flight CEO Patrick Arnzen. “Their modern features make them an attractive option for both flight training students and recreational flyers.”

    With fuel costs rising and increasing demand for flight training, the SportCruiser is an economical option for flight schools looking to expand their fleet for much lower acquisition and operating costs compared to other training aircraft. These modern, all-glass aircraft make for exceptional training aircraft loved by students and instructors alike.

    These newest SportCruisers will also allow students to do IFR training, and as a technically advanced aircraft, they are a versatile option for any flight school.  The SportCruiser includes an all-glass cockpit with both Garmin and Dynon avionics options, a ballistic recovery parachute, and ample interior space for even the tallest pilots.

    “We’re glad to be working with US Sport Aircraft once again. With their extraordinary SportCruiser sales track record in the past, knowledge of the light sport aircraft market, and level of technical support, I know they’ll make a great partner in helping us serve our US customers,” said Czech Aircraft Group Deputy CEO Vojtěch Tůma. “Over the past few years, we’ve significantly improved the SportCruiser aircraft in all aspects of safety, design, avionics equipment, and cockpit comfort.”

    With the speculated increase in takeoff weight for light sport aircraft above the current 1,320 lb. limit, the SportCruiser stands ready to become an even more widely used trainer at flight schools across the country. The SportCruiser will be immediately ready for use at a higher weight once this change is approved due to the extensive testing at higher weights that has already been performed. 

    Thrust Flight plans to add many additional SportCruisers to its fleet as it continues to expand and add new locations.

    About US Sport Aircraft: US Sport Aircraft is an aircraft seller that specializes in the SportCruiser, a popular light-sport aircraft used in both general aviation and flight training. US Sport Aircraft is affiliated with Thrust Flight®, a Part 141/61 flight school with locations in Addison and Denison, TX.

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    1. Michael Wolff

      Congratulations and wishing you a successful reintroduction of a wonderful aircraft back to the U.S.!

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