Learn how you could become a professional pilot. From corporate pilot to airline pilot there are many career options for pilot's who hold a commercial certificate.

What is a Commercial Pilot Certificate?

A commercial pilot certificate, allows a pilot to be paid to fly an airplane.

What do Commercial Pilots do?

A commercial pilot license allows a pilot to take any job that pays them as a pilot. The most common job for someone who holds a commercial license is being an airline pilot.

What is the Difference between Commercial Pilots and Airline Pilots?

An airline pilot holds a commercial pilot certificate so they are commercial pilots. However, to become an airline pilot you also have to hold an airline transport certificate.

How Long Does it Take to get a Commercial Pilot License?

Most pilots can complete their commercial pilots certificate in

3 - 5 months.

What are the prerequisites to getting your Commercial Pilot License?

Be 18 years of age.

Be able to read, speak, write, and understand  English.

Hold a private pilot license.

Hold a 3rd class FAA medical certificate or higher.