July 22


Thrust Flight and Adventure Pilot Announce Training Partnership

July 22, 2019

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Thrust Flight, a top-rated flight school in Dallas, and Adventure Pilot, creators of iFly GPS, announce their training partnership, effective immediately. iFly GPS will now be the exclusive in-flight GPS app used by Thrust Flight instructors and students.

Teaming together, both Thrust Flight and Adventure Pilot will collaborate to ensure new pilots receive the best flight training while utilizing the best EFB on the market.

A new Zero Time to Airline student receives his iFly subscription

Thrust Flight offers tailored flight trainingprograms to fit individual schedules and unique needs. In operation since 2006, Thrust Flight has gained recognition as one of the premier flight schools in the US. Thrust Flight has accelerated and paced programs for all ratings.

Thrust also has the exclusive Zero-time-to-Airline program to take a zero-time student to an airline job in as little as 18 months.

“We are very excited about this opportunity. Pilots use EFBs every flight, so being comfortable inside the program is important,” says Thrust Flight President Patrick Arnzen. “We look forward to working with Adventure Pilot to provide our students with the best EFB there is!”

Adventure Pilot offers a top-rated EFB for both commercial and private pilots. The iFly GPS app, available for iOS, Android, and Windows, is intuitive and delivers the best value, capability, and usability for both VFR and IFR Pilots. Every feature of the app is designed to minimize the time spent looking at and interacting with a screen so pilots can keep their attention outside and fly the plane. The ease of use and dependability of iFly GPS makes it the perfect app for flight training.

“iFly GPS is designed to be used from the student pilot to an ATP with almost no learning curve,” says Adventure Pilot VP Dave St. Clair. “Being part of the Thrust Flight training program is a seamless fit.” Thrust Flight and Adventure Pilot are excited to join together to create the ideal flying environment for new student pilots in the DFW area.

With the best flight school in Texas combined with the best EFB in the cockpit, this partnership will inspire, inform, and enable the next generation of pilots to fulfill their desire for aerial adventures.

All student handbags will now include a subscription to iFly

About Thrust Flight

Thrust flight has been helping aviators achieve their dreams since 2006. Thrust Flight offers courses for both recreational flyers as well as airline bound aviators. Their most popular program partners with five airlines to fully finance an accelerated academy allowing graduates to begin their airline careers as quickly as possible. Thrust Flight is based at the Addison Airport in the North Dallas area. For more information, find Thrust Flight on YouTube, Facebook, or at thrustflight.com.

About Adventure Pilot

Adventure Pilot is thecreator of iFly GPS, an industry-leading, cost-effective Electronic Flight Bagdesigned for Android, iOS, and Windows. This game-changing GPS app providesexhaustive support of ADS-B traffic and weather, along with powerful flightplanning and navigation solutions. For more information, visit iflygps.com.

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