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Multi-Engine Rating Overview

Ready to get your Multi-Engine add-on to Commercial? This one-of-a-kind program will help you become proficient in multi-engine aircraft in just a few days.

This page will give you the details on all of our multi-engine programs including pricing, timeline, and what you’ll need to get started. After reviewing this information please click here to send us a text if you’re on your phone or give us a call at 972-735-9099. You can also reply to the email we sent you with your questions.

We can’t wait for you to fly with us!

Piper Seminole Flying


3-Day Program: Dozens of students complete this flagship program every single month. The 3-day program is $4,995. This price includes 7 hours of flight time, a mock oral, and the DPE fee. Fuel surcharge is included in the price.

5-Day Program: The 5-day program is $5,995*. This price includes 11 hours of flight time and 9 hours of ground. This price does not include the DPE fee.

MEI Add-on Program: The individual MEI program is $4,095*. This price includes 7.5 hours of maneuver training and does not include the DPE fee. The MEI program can also be done in pairs for $3,395* and includes 6 hours of maneuver training and 1 hour for the checkride. This does not include the DPE fee.

*Program price does not include any current fuel surcharges. For the latest fuel surcharge prices please contact our team. we recommend adding one additional day to your travel plans in the event of weather delays.

DPE Availability

One of the most common questions we’re asked is if there’s a DPE available to perform the checkride. With our 3-day and 5-day programs, a DPE will be available on your final day to perform the checkride. We work with multiple DPEs in the North Texas area to ensure you receive a checkride on the final day of your program. You don’t need to handle any of the checkride scheduling, our team coordinates this checkride for you.


Pre-Program Course: Before you arrive for any of our multi-engine programs you’ll receive an online ground course. This video-based course is the key to completing your flight training in such a short period of time. Learn More

3-Day Program: Training is performed in pairs over the course of 2 days. Then on the third day, you’ll take your checkride! We recommend planning on a 4th day in the event of a weather delay.

5-Day Program: The 5-day program will typically overlap with a 3-day student so a portion of your training will be performed 1 on 1 and a portion may be done with another student in the aircraft.

Training in Pairs

Most of our accelerated multi-engine programs are performed in pairs with one other student. During day one, you’ll have a 1.5-hour flight in the morning where you fly with the instructor while the other student rides in the back seat observing. Then you’ll swap seats with the other student and watch them fly.

You’ll take a break for lunch and then follow the exact same pattern with a 1.5-hour flight followed by back seating for the other student’s flight. Day two follows the exact same schedule.

We’ve found this method to be highly effective in rapidly learning maneuvers, operations, and the systems of the aircraft. You’re able to observe the instructor’s direction to the other student and see the mistakes they make so you can avoid making them yourself.

Aircraft Rates*

The programs above include a set amount of flight hours. In the event you need to fly additional time, the Piper Seminole rate is $360 per hour and the instructor rate is $85 per hour.

*Please note that the rate above does not include any fuel surcharges. As of April 2022, a fuel surcharge has been put in effect due to the rapidly increasing fuel prices. For current surcharge rates please speak with a member of our team.

Multi-Engine Prep Course

These accelerated multi-engine programs are only possible because of the ground course students are required to complete. This online prep course will teach you multi-engine aerodynamics, aircraft systems, maneuvers, emergency procedures, and more.

Once you enroll in the program you’ll receive access to the online course so you can begin going through it. Five days before your program we’ll check on your progress to make sure it’s completed before day one.

Please Note

You must be instrument current in order to participate in any of our accelerated multi-engine programs.

New Student Checklist

The checklist below is intended as a guide so you know what to expect in order to start your multi-engine training.

Before working on any of these items please speak with a member of our team so we can address any questions and guide you through the process.

1. Medical Certificate

We’ll need a copy of your current medical certificate. If you no longer have a medical certificate you’ll need to get a new one before you can train with us. If you need help finding an AME please let us know.

2. Document Signatures

During the onboarding process you’ll need to sign our rental and services agreement as well as our multi-engine agreement.

3. ID & TSA Verification

We’ll need a copy of your government ID along with your birth certificate or your passport. These documents are used for TSA verification. If you’re a permanent resident please see the TSA Approval section below.

4. Aircraft Rental Insurance

Non-owned aircraft rental insurance is required for every student whether they’re flying solo or with an instructor. “Non-owned” Rental insurance may be obtained through Avemco Insurance Company by visiting their website or by calling 1-888-241-7891. Be sure to use the promotional code. “TF16”.

Insurance CoverageAmount
Standard Bodily Injury$25,000
Property Damage$250,000
Non-Owned Aircraft Physical Damage/Liability$30,000

*Non-Owned Aircraft Insurance can be either Single-Engine or Multi-Engine. As a multi-engine student, you’ll be training in a multi-engine aircraft so your rental insurance should match.

5. Pilot Certificate

We’ll need a copy of your current pilot certificate, both front and back.

What to Do Next

If you have additional questions or you’re ready to get started simply click here to send us a text if you’re on your phone or give us a call at 972-735-9099.


If you need housing while you attend accelerated multi-engine training, we’ve partnered with a local hotel in Denison to offer a discounted rate. Click the link below to view more information on housing options.