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Instrument Rating Overview

This page will give you the details on our instrument rating program including pricing, timeline, and what you’ll need to get started. After reviewing this information please click here to send us a text if you’re on your phone or give us a call at 972-735-9099. You can also reply to the email we sent you with your questions.

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Starting with Zero Instrument Time: Expect to spend anywhere from $12,000 to $16,000 on your instrument rating. The total amount will come down to how quickly you move through your training and are able to pick up instrument flying.

Starting with Some Time: Many students come to us for our instrument finish-up program. The exact amount you’ll spend with us will vary greatly based on how many hours you already have and how long it’s been since you last trained.

Speak with our team to get a better idea of how much your finish-up program will be. Learn more about finish-up training.

Thrust Flight Piper Archer


Paced Training: If you’re flying 2-3 times per week it typically takes 5-7 months to complete your instrument rating. The more frequently you fly, the faster you’ll earn your certificate.

Accelerated Training: With our accelerated instrument training you can finish your certificate in 21 days. This is a popular option for those who are able to take a few weeks off from work and focus 100% on their training. Learn more about accelerated training.

Paying for your Instrument Rating

As mentioned above, most students end up spending between $12,000 and $16,000 on their instrument rating. Some students will pay for each flight as they go through training, however, most of our students utilize our flight savings package to access a discounted rate.

How to Get a Discounted Rate

In order to get a discounted rate, instrument students must initially purchase a flight savings package. This is a $6,800 payment made at the start of your training. All of this money is put on account and you’ll bill against it as you have each ground and flight lesson.

Once you’ve used that money on your account you’ll make a $3,000 payment and again, all of that money will go on your account. You’ll continue that process until you complete your instrument rating.

Aircraft Rates*

Discover the joy of air-conditioned aircraft in our G1000 Cessna 172 and Piper Archer TX aircraft.

Cessna 172

Cessna 172 RG

$209/hr Standard

$199/hr Discount Rate

Piper Archer

Piper Archer TX

$209/hr Standard

$199/hr Discount Rate

*Please note that the rates above do not include any fuel surcharges. As of April 2022, a fuel surcharge has been put in effect due to the rapidly increasing fuel prices. For current surcharge rates please speak with a member of our team.

Accelerated Instrument

We’re the experts in accelerated flight training. We’ve put thousands of students through accelerated training programs from private pilot to multi-engine. Our accelerated instrument program is a 21 day program.

In order to complete your accelerated instrument training this quickly, you must have your written test completed before your first day. Accelerated training typically must be booked at least a month in advance.

New Student Checklist

The checklist below is intended as a guide so you know what to expect in order to start your instrument training.

Before working on any of these items please speak with a member of our team so we can address any questions and guide you through the process.

Deposit Details

Before our admissions team begins collecting any documents, we’ll need to collect a $200 deposit. This is a non-refundable deposit, however, all of it will be applied to your training once you complete your enrollment.

When you’re ready to pay the deposit simply let our team know and they’ll send you a link where you can make the payment.

1. Medical Certificate

We’ll need a copy of your current medical certificate. If your medical has expired you’ll need to get a new medical before you can begin training. You can submit a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd class medical.

If you had a medical in the last 10 years you can instead get the BasicMed. It’s an alternative option that allows a pilot to fly without holding a medical certificate as long as they meet specific requirements.

How to Get a Medical Certificate:

  1. Complete a Medical Application online using FAA MedXPress (don’t fill this out until you speak with us), the FAA’s online pilot medical tracking system. Print out your completed application.
  2. Make an Appointment with an AME (Aviation Medical Examiner). This is a doctor that specializes in pilot examinations. Click here to find an AME near you. If you’re in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, we suggest:

Dr. Stephan Kramer – 972-731-9555

Note: If you have any concerns or questions regarding passing a medical please discuss them with us BEFORE you schedule your medical appointment.

2. Document Signatures

These are documents you’ll sign during the onboarding process.

3. ID & TSA Verification

We’ll need a copy of your government ID along with your birth certificate or your passport. These documents are used for TSA verification. If you’re a permanent resident please see the TSA Approval section below.

4. Aircraft Rental Insurance

Non-owned aircraft rental insurance is required for every student whether they’re flying solo or with an instructor. “Non-owned” Rental insurance may be obtained through Avemco Insurance Company by visiting their website or by calling 1-888-241-7891. Be sure to use the promotional code. “TF16”.

Insurance CoverageAmount
Standard Bodily Injury$25,000
Property Damage$250,000
Non-Owned Aircraft Physical Damage/Liability$30,000

*Non-Owned Aircraft Insurance can be either Single-Engine or Multi-Engine. As an instrument student, you’ll be training in a single-engine aircraft so your rental insurance should match.

5. Pilot Certificate

We’ll also need a copy of your current pilot certificate. If you recently passed a checkride and only have your temporary certificate you can submit that instead.

Instrument Finish-Up

Stuck at a flight school that just can’t get you across the finish line? You’ve come to the right place.

We’ve had hundreds of students come to us to help them finish up their instrument training. The first thing you’ll do is speak with a member of our admissions team so we can get an accurate idea of where you are in your training.

On your first lesson, your instructor will test you on a variety of maneuvers and ground knowledge to get a good idea of what you need to work on. From there, they’ll work with you on a training plan and get you proficient and checkride ready.

Instrument Ground School

In order to earn your instrument rating, you’ll need to pass the FAA written exam. This exam can be taken at any point during your training. If you’re doing an accelerated instrument program with us, you must have your written exam completed before you start.

If you’re doing a paced program with us, we suggest starting flight training first and then a month or so in, sitting in on our instrument weekend ground school to prepare you for the test.

This ground school is an in-depth course that prepares you for the written exam and includes 20 hours of classroom test prep and the written test endorsement (something you must have before you can take the written test). The program is $395 and runs from Friday to Sunday once a month. See our classroom dates here.

We are an FAA-approved testing center so you can take your instrument rating written test at our facility in Addison, TX.

What to Do Next

If you have additional questions or you’re ready to get started simply click here to send us a text if you’re on your phone or give us a call at 972-735-9099.


If you need housing while you attend the accelerated instrument training, we’ve partnered with several local hotels to offer discounted rates. We also offer housing with other students in a shared apartment, however, availability varies. Click the link below to view more information on housing options.

Common Questions About the Instrument Rating