Online CFI Ground School

Discover the online CFI Academy unlike any other. Forget about dull, prerecorded CFI training. Here you’ll be surrounded by incredible instructors and fellow students who are driven to become the best flight instructors in the world.

Students from around the world attend the CFI Academy at Thrust Flight.

Enjoy the in-depth training of the Thrust Flight CFI academy all from the comfort of home. 

Our online CFI ground school isn’t your typical online learning program. You won’t sit down and watch recorded videos and then take a quiz at the end. 

Instead, you’ll be attending live training with both virtual and in-person students. This unique approach allows you to receive engaging and informative training while also engaging with other students and instructors. 

Every class you’ll be able to practice teaching, ask questions, and engage with the instructor and your fellow students. 

Our online ground school is available for both our CFI and CFII programs.

Once you’ve completed your online ground school you’ll be ready to complete your flying at your local flight training facility and book your checkride there.

Get Your CFI Ground Training Online

Prepare for your CFI oral checkride from the comfort of your own home – with a live instructor! This is the best CFI course available and has helped hundreds pass their CFI checkride, and now you can attend the award-winning CFI Academy online. Watch the video below and contact us for more details.

Meet Your Teachers

Unlike other online CFI programs where you sit and listen to the same instructor for several days, our online CFI ground school is made up of several instructors, each is an expert on the subjects they’ll be teaching.

Our instructors include designated pilot examiners, senior airline pilots, and flight instructors with thousands of hours of instruction time. These are world-class pilots who love teaching these classes because they want to give back to the aviation community and help create the next generation of pilots.

Online CFI Ground School

Knowledge Curriculum:

  • 10 Days, 60+ hours of interactive knowledge instruction and practice teaching
  • Comprehensive review on Fundamentals of Instruction (FOI’s)
  • Logbook entry for ground instruction and endorsement for FOI training
  • Thrust Flight Satchel including all Books & Materials
  • FOI & FIA Knowledge Test Preparation (If Candidates have already completed FOI & FIA exams, the Instructor will provide 61.39 Deficiencies Endorsement)


  • CFIA No-Fly 10 Day Academy – $1,695

Please note that all documents MUST be submitted 7 days prior to the start of your desired academy.

Online CFII Ground

Knowledge Curriculum:

  • 8 days of knowledge instruction
  • Total of 56+ classroom hours for the required knowledge areas and practice teaching
  • Thrust Flight Satchel including all Books & Materials for CFII Training
  • CFII Knowledge Test Preparation
  • 61.39 Deficiency Endorsement for candidates who have already competed the CFII exam.


  • CFII No-Fly 8 Day Academy – $1,695

Contact our Flight Training Director to sign up for an academy.

Please note that all documents MUST be submitted 7 days prior to the start of your desired academy.

Hear directly from students in our CFI training program!

CFI Online Ground Course

The CFI No-Fly Academy at Thrust Flight is unique; you won’t find this anywhere else. This Academy is designed for the pilot who wishes to do accelerated CFI training in the required FAA knowledge areas and then complete their flight training, at their own pace, with their local FBO.

What does this mean for you?

  • Complete the flight portion of your CFI training in familiar surroundings at your local FBO, on your own time
  • Complete all of the FAA required knowledge areas in 60+ hours of classroom instruction provided by top instructors
  • All books and materials provided
  • Includes FOI Endorsement and log of ground instruction

Ready to start your accelerated flight training program? Give us a call or fill out our contact form and we’ll build the perfect program for you.

Ready to become a flight instructor? Get started with our online CFI ground school today. Give us a call or fill out our contact form and we’ll help you determine if this program is right for you.