CFI No-Fly Academy

When you're working to get your CFI done asap our No-Fly Academy may be just what you need.

Thrust Flight has pioneered a revolutionary Flight Instructor Academy format. We are calling it CFI-No-Fly.

This 10-day accelerated format has never been done before in the industry.

While most flight schools have the resources to provide great flight training, very few have the expertise, depth, and commitment to provide CFI candidates with everything they need to pass the knowledge portion of the CFI checkride. That’s why we are offering CFI-No-Fly.

CFI No-Fly Academy

10 Day No-Fly Curriculum

Knowledge Curriculum:

  • Both our CFIA and CFII academies are 60+ hours of total training time.
  • 6 hours of instruction per day for 10 days
  • 8 Hours of Fundamentals Of Instruction training
  • Total of 60+ hours of required knowledge areas and practice instruction
  • Thrust Flight Satchel including all Books & Materials
  • FOI & FIA Knowledge Test Preparation
  • (If Candidates have completed FOI & FIA exams, then Instructor will provide 61.39 Deficiencies Endorsement)
  • Candidates may add the flight curriculum, for an additional 5 days of training, in your choice of aircraft types.
  • Candidates may add on a PTS mock oral exam which is an excellent preparation for the oral portion of the FAA Practical Test (+$395.00)

Why Should You Attend this Academy

The 10-day Accelerated CFIA and CFII Academies are tailored to the candidate who cannot devote 15 or more consecutive days to CFI training and/or candidates wishing to fast-track their CFI knowledge training.

This academy is exclusively focused on providing the required knowledge training required by the FAR.

This program is perfect for students who:

  • Want to fly at their current school but want to expedite the required knowledge training at a school with qualified instructional staff.
  • Are able to train 6+ hours per day.

CFI-No Fly academies start on the first of each month and run for 10 consecutive days (with 6 training hours each day).

The flight training portion required for endorsement for the CFI-A Practical Exam is not included in this offering.

Upon Graduation:

The candidate would complete CFI-A flight training, required FAA Exams (FIA & FOI) and receive CFI-A Practical Test Endorsements at their training facility of choice.


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