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Our mission is to provide our airline partners with the best pilots they will hire.

Every day we get to do what we love; live our lives off the ground.

We want to give you the opportunity to do the same.

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Air Wisconsin Pilot Salary

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Types of Pilot Licenses

Wanting to become a pilot? This video breaks down the types of pilot licenses issued by the FAA.

Hear From Our Students - Victoria

Wanting to join our ZTA program? Hear from one of our students about her experience! Click the button below to learn more!

How to be a good flight instructor

About to become a Flight Instructor and want to do the best you can? Click the button below to read our best 6 tips on how to be an amazing teacher!

Trying to decide between going to a 4 Year College and an Accelerated Flight School? Watch this video through the button below to learn about the pros and cons of both.