Apply For Zero Time to Airline

Congratulations on making it this far in your Zero Time to Airline application! If you are on this page that means you have undergone a face-to-face interview and been determined to be a prime candidate for Zero Time to Airline. The next step in your journey is filling out this online application.

The online application for Zero Time to Airline can be found below. To apply you will need to:

1. Fill out a general information form.

2. Determine the specific Zero Time to Airline Program you will be needing (housing, no housing, etc.)

3. Complete a financing profile to help us determine what type of financing may be available to you.

4. Complete an online entrance exam (all open book.)

After completing the application, we will be back to you within 2-3 business days with your results. If you pass your entrance exam and can acquire financing you will move onto the next step.